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Hello, Nice to meet you!
I’m Rei Shito, a Street Fashion Photographer, based in Tokyo.
Before starting this fashion blog, I worked at STREET/FRUiTS/TUNE, street fashion magazines in Japan, as a photographer and doing PR for several years.
I take pictures all over the world, but mainly I take photos of everyday Tokyo Street Fashion Scenes, especially around Harajuku.
I think Tokyo is a powerful city and is really exciting, where something new is always happening!
Everyone I saw & photographed on the streets had his/her own individuality, and also had his/her own personal style.
Seeing and talking to them always recharges me with a positive energy!...
And I really love it!!
I am always on the street, shooting those who have their own style.
I really love Tokyo street fashion, and want to tell the entire world that it’s sooooo fun!!!
I hope you will enjoy Tokyo street fashion through STYLE from TOKYO.
When you visit this blog, and feel something, leave your comments....Let me Know your thought and what you felt.
Thank you!

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